Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting
Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting
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Jon Burdekin
Fleet Consulting



What I can offer

Lead, and support with specific projects across a leasing company / broker – such as development of your EV or Salary Sacrifice proposition, new customer or product implementations, and process management.

How it may apply to you

At key points in the running of your business, you may require experienced, short term support to deliver a specific project, without having to commit to the costs of full time employed resource. I can lead or support such projects within time periods governed by you.

My Experience

I have extensive experience in managing many new customer implementations, staff training and detailed regulatory compliance projects, across 15 years in various senior leadership roles for a major UK leasing company.

I am able to bring in depth knowledge and experience of past projects and implementations to your business – particularly EV related projects.
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