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Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting
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Jon Burdekin
Fleet Consulting



What I can offer

Leadership and project management in implementing robust Grey Fleet management programmes – either for a Corporate fleet to use directly, or for a leasing company to offer to their clients as part of a wider service aimed at both company car drivers and cash allowance drivers.

How it could apply to you

Where a proportion of drivers choose to opt out of a Company Car in favour of a cash allowance, the focus on 'Grey Fleet' (Driving your own car on company business) has never been greater.

For Leasing Companies, I am able to provide advice and support to implement a suite of solutions to offer your clients – including the cash taking community you may currently class as 'leaked' or 'lost' customers because you don't supply their vehicle. Not only will you be able to offer a more complete product portfolio, but you will also be able to derive income from drivers you would have previously lost when they took a cash allowance.

For Corporate Fleets, you have a Duty of Care to all employees who undertake business mileage – whether the vehicle they drive is company provided or not. As more and more of your drivers opt for a cash allowance (due to rising Benefit in Kind Taxation  - particularly on non electric vehicles -  you may potentially have less control and awareness that your drivers have the correct insurance in place, valid MOTs, valid driving licences, appropriate health and eyesight to drive and many other factors. I can introduce controls and policy reviews in all these areas, to ensure you are correctly addressing the Duty of Care you have to your drivers.

My Experience

I have been closely involved in developing Grey Fleet management solutions throughout my 30 year career in the UK leasing industry.

Having gained extensive experience in implementing Employee Car Ownership Schemes, a clear by-product of offering an alternative to a company car is to have appropriate Duty of Care consideration embedded within a fleet policy.

In addition to this first-hand experience, I was also responsible for the Driver Risk function in my role as Head of Consultancy Services at Alphabet. I managed a team of risk specialists who not only delivered an outstanding Grey Fleet management service, but also taught me what great Grey Fleet Management looks like!

I am now able to share this knowledge to help you manage Driver Risk for both your company car drivers and your cash takers.
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