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Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting
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Jon Burdekin
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What I can offer

Leadership and project management in implementing a detailed strategy to incorporate Electric Vehicles into a fleet, or a client's fleet.

How it could apply to you

The purchase of new petrol and diesel vehicles has been banned in the UK from 2030 (Plug-in hybrids from 2035). A company that runs car and /or vans will need to start to make the transition to EVs sooner rather than later. 2030 is only really two company car change cycles away and a business may recognise the need to start the EV adoption journey but have no idea where to start or what to consider.

Company car drivers will have many questions on EVs, and some concerns about range or charging too. I can help a client (or a leasing company that serves these clients) implement a roadmap that fully relates to their business and allows them to transition their drivers to EVs in a phased approach – identifying those drivers who could make the switch early, to unlock financial and environmental savings without hanging on until 2030 (when grants and tax incentives may not be so prevalent).

My Experience

I have been closely involved in helping clients make the transition to EVs for over 10 years – considering the financial savings by adopting a Whole Life Cost approach, and then looking at all other areas necessary to ensure a robust infrastructure to support the transition.

I have created a detailed EV strategy roadmap, with supporting implementation plan that provides clients with the detailed blueprint to transition to 100% EV by 2030 – and for leasing companies and brokers, this blueprint can provide a clear differentiation over its competitors to help them position as a go-to provider of an all encompassing EV solution – not just a competitive rental on the vehicle

Divided into four clear areas – Evaluation, Analysis, Transition and Operation, the roadmap offers a detailed and comprehensive plan to follow when incorporating EVs into a fleet, or helping corporate clients develop their EV strategy.
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