Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting
Jon Burdekin Fleet Consulting
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Jon Burdekin
Fleet Consulting

Experienced specialist in implementing and managing Employee Car Ownership schemes, and all related aspects of Grey Fleet management.

The landscape for employees taking company cars from their employer, or preferring a cash option instead continues to breed uncertainty across the UK company car population. What is clear is that the preferred routes to fund a car in the corporate world are changing fundamentally.

If you are a leasing company or a company that offers cars to its employees, and your car fleet is diminishing through your customers/employees opting for a cash alternative to a company car, you will be experiencing this changing landscape first hand. Changing landscapes require agile and dynamic responses to ensure you remain ‘relevant’, and indeed compliant, for your customers and employees.

  • different, more tax efficient ways to fund a car that is used for business purposes,
  • deeper knowledge of the less traditional types of funding,
  • well prepared Account Managers, and,
  • robust Grey Fleet processes and service offerings

are all becoming more prevalent as the market reacts to changes and uncertainty in related tax legislation.

Jon Burdekin has extensive experience across all of these areas, and by sharing this knowledge on a consultancy basis, is able to provide you with the support and guidance to successfully navigate the changing business car landscape.

Thank you for visiting my website, and if you believe I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me – I would be delighted to have a chat .
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