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Jon Burdekin
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What I can offer

Support and guidance for SMEs to help them manage their fleet in the most cost effective and compliant way. We can also look after any day-to-day fleet tasks that you would like to outsource.

How it could apply to you

Many SMEs run a small fleet of vehicles, and it is understandable that they may not have the experience, or the time to know how best to acquire or manage these vehicles – it may not be an SME's core activity to manage vehicles and if you only have a few, then it is unlikely you will have a dedicated resource to undertake the various tasks associated with acquiring, running and disposing of vehicles.

We offer three key areas of support for SMEs running a fleet of vehicles:

1) Clear financial analysis to determine the most effective method to acquire your vehicles

Should you lease or buy? If you lease, should it be a personal lease or a business lease? Should you offer a cash allowance to help you and your drivers avoid company car tax? How much cash should you offer to make sure you and your drivers are not worse off?

I will advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of these various options and provide costed bespoke reports to help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your vehicles.

I can also help you work out the correct amount of cash to offer an employee if this an option you are currently offering or wish to offer.

Getting this analysis right can save you thousands of pounds per vehicle.

2) Support and compliance in managing the Duty of Care you have to anyone driving on business

You have a Duty of Care to all employees who undertake business mileage – whether the vehicle they drive is company provided or not. As more and more of your drivers opt for a cash allowance (due to rising Benefit in Kind Taxation and uncertainty over future levels of taxation), you may potentially have less control and awareness that your drivers have the correct insurance in place, valid MOTs, valid driving licences, appropriate health and eyesight to drive and many other factors.

Not managing this effectively can leave you legally exposed – especially if you do not have the correct policies and processes in place to check that your drivers and their vehicles are safe and legal to be on the road.

I can introduce controls for you in all these areas, to ensure you are correctly addressing the Duty of Care you have to your drivers, and you have a robust car policy in place that protects you.

3) Support in managing day-to-day fleet tasks

    • However you acquire your vehicles, certain tasks will always need to be undertaken, such as:
    • Booking a service/ MOT
    • Arranging replacement tyres
    • Checking employees driving licences
    • Checking insurance for any employees who drive their own car on business
    • Getting quotes for new cars
    • Arranging disposal of vehicles

Typically, in a small business, these tasks are either looked after by a member of staff who has many other things to do, or by the driver themselves. Making sure they are done, and done effectively does not always receive a high level of attention against other business priorities.

We will be pleased to manage any or all of these tasks for you, to give you the peace of mind they are being managed thoroughly – allowing you and your staff to concentrate on their core duties. This is charged on a simple per car/per month basis and tailored to your specific requirements.

My Experience

My team and I have many years of experience in managing fleets of all sizes – large and small.  We experience many cases where SMEs benefit hugely from the knowledge we have in running fleets – potentially saving them thousands of pounds or addressing instances of significant legal exposure.

You may save money, you may become compliant, you may reduce your fleet administration – or all three of these things!

What you will certainly do is be able to make more informed decisions on your fleet – as experts in our field, we are delighted to share our knowledge with fleets of all sizes.
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