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Jon Burdekin
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What I can offer

Leadership and support in implementing and managing Employee Car Ownership Schemes, to offer an alternative tax efficient route to providing cars to employees.

How it could apply to you

With rising levels of company car drivers taking a cash option, due to uncertainty around the future landscape of Benefit in Kind Taxation, there is a growing demand for an alternative solution to financing vehicles that protects drivers from this uncertainty.

For leasing companies and finance brokers, this provides your customers with a way to provide vehicles that may be more tax efficient than traditional company cars – thus removing the need for their drivers to take a cash option and source the vehicle elsewhere.

For corporate fleets, offering a company provided solution to your drivers will significantly support the Duty of Care obligations you have to any of your employees undertaking business journeys. This can be difficult to manage if your drivers are funding, maintaining and insuring their vehicles using a cash option.

My Experience

With 27 years’ experience in the UK leasing industry, I have extensive knowledge of all aspects relating to the implementation, launch and management of Employee Car Ownership Schemes.

Leading the Account Management team of the leasing company that became the go-to provider of these schemes as they took hold in the industry, I have managed, and implemented in excess of 20 separate schemes - all approved by HMRC.

Working with such customers as BOC, BBC, Royal and Sun Alliance, British Engineering Services, Oracle, Yell, CLM, BMW, Metsawood, Royal London Mutual Assurance Society, Wesleyan Assurance, Shell and McDonald’s – each scheme carrying its own tailored design, I have encountered many variations on scheme structure and can provide valuable insight into how best to tailor your scheme to fully match your requirements.
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